Are You Dealing With Memory Driven Food Cravings?

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memory_driven_food_cravingsA lot of the patients I work with have cravings that are so strong, and persistent that they’ve lost hope that things will ever change for them. These folks are often dealing with a memory driven food craving.


These types of strong and specific cravings often won’t respond to psychotherapy, behavior modification, nutritional intervention or education, hormone balancing, etc. How do I know this?  The patients that come to me have often done all of these or some combination without a desired result. They may figure out why they’re craving, know what to do about it, but they still crave. Or, they do fine with a change in food habits until a stressful event occurs.


So, here’s a short list of questions to ask yourself that may save you some time, energy and resources, let alone frustration. It may be helpful to know that your cravings or unwanted food habits aren’t a sign of a character flaw, hormonal imbalance or whatever, and you don’t have to ‘fix’ them in the way you might think.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Does anyone in your family share the same food habit pattern?
  2. Have you tried many things to try to change this habit without long term success?
  3. Does this habit intensify with stress?
  4. Do you have pleasant childhood memories of eating those or similar foods?
  5. Does it feel like the habit is in charge and your willpower is simply not enough?
  6. Does it feel like nothing else will satisfy you the way the specific food you crave will?


If you answered Yes, to any of these, it could mean that your cravings or food habits are memory driven. These types of cravings or behaviors are difficult to change unless the source of the issue is addressed.


Here is a personal example:

Years ago, I was going to a particular Mexican restaurant for lunch or dinner at least once a week. If I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I went alone, even though it felt awkward, I was craving Mexican food and Mexican Coca Cola (yes, I knew better!). I did some Acupressure, and remembered all the pleasant memories I had with my Dad around eating Mexican food and what a special treat it was. It was a month later, that I realized that I hadn’t gone for Mexican food, or wanted Mexican Coca Cola as I didn’t need it anymore, I had access to the wonderful feelings with my Dad and didn’t need to food to trigger it anymore. Do I still enjoy Mexican food? Absolutely, but I don’t go out of my way to get it anymore.


There is a way to overcome these cravings but you have to address it at the source.  The most effective way to rid yourself of these cravings that are ruling your life is to use Acupressure (Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT). TAT is a great way to address and satisfy these cravings and change these habits for good. It’s truly the only thing that’s worked for me and it’s worked for a lot of my patients. If you know of a better way, please comment and let me know, I’m all ears.


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