Working with Kara on my food cravings and emotional eating was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an emotional eater. If I was stressed, happy, depressed, angry, or anything else… food was the answer. Food was the thing that soothed me and made me feel better or gave me a little bit of pleasure inside a crappy situation or day. But food was also the thing that was destroying my body and causing me to gain loads of weight over the years. I felt like I had no control of my eating habits and was constantly derailed by cravings. Having to eat cookies or muffins or chocolate every. single. day. and hoping that “tomorrow” was the day I could finally clean up my eating. Well, tomorrow finally came after my first food craving session with Kara.


It was so simple and so easy I didn’t for one second think it would work on me. I was certain I’d be the 1% that didn’t have success… but quite the opposite! I immediately noticed a shift in my eating habits and cravings. After just three sessions, I had ZERO food cravings. I would drive past all my favorite restaurants thinking, “eh, I have stuff at home.” I’d walk into the store past the cookies and muffins and chocolates and think, “I have no idea how to feed myself without cravings!” And I’d leave with healthy foods.


Even now, months and months after our work I am craving free. If I start to eat something more than I like, I stop, just like that. It’s changed my life and my health, and I’ve never been happier to have hired someone for support. After at least 20 years of battling with food, I can finally say I’m craving free and NOT an emotional eater. There’s so much freedom in that. I can’t recommend Kara enough, her work is phenomenal and she’s truly dedicated to freeing her clients from cravings and emotional eating. Love her tons!!”


Stephenie Zamora
Business Coach and Brand Strategist
Colorado, USA

“Punishing my body is like telling my creator that what he gave me as a gift in this form was not good enough. NOTE: Be careful of the things you say, even to yourself. We as creatures of divinity, create as we speak! Pause for a moment  and think about the things we say even inside our heads to ourselves.

My whole life I have been fighting battles with my body. I would starve myself and punish my body and genetics for not being the way I felt it should be.

As many times as I have tried to not intentionally destroy my body I have come up short. The past 6 or so months I have been part of a group called the “Love Your Body Lifestyle.” This was created by a kindred soul, Kara Sorensen. Since I have been part of this group I have learned I don’t have to wake war on the creation God has gifted me. But to love and nurture it to great shape and health!

It is so scary to think I would have, without a doubt continued to punish my body for the rest of my life had it not been for the insights and practices Kara has taught me. I love me some me!! Now, my outside is reflecting the love I have for my inside!!

The ware I have waged against myself was mean and cruel. I am bursting with joy as I tell you now, there is a cease fire! Harmony and peace are becoming my natural state. I am so full of gratitude!!!

On a very realistic not, the practices I have learned have drastically changed my life. However I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you sometimes it’s day by day, sometimes hour by hour CHOICE to love yourself. Now, some of the things I do to honor myself and love my body are second nature. Get started!! It will be so ver worth it!! As time goes on, it does get easier.

Thank you Kara!! Thank you Love Your Body Challenge (now Lifestyle) group for all the love and constant support!!”


“Maybe it took a year or so from the time I worked with you for things to work out slowly, but I honestly, I don’t think I’ve had any issues at all with food or my body since then!  I haven’t even thought about it until you wrote, isn’t that amazing?  I had a baby girl this past October (she’s amazing!), and my pregnancy was wonderful—one of the happiest, most peaceful times I’ve experienced.  But I think that before working with you, the idea of gaining pregnancy weight was probably a hugely anxiety-provoking issue.  So I have really come a long, long way.  

I’m deeply grateful for your help with everything and hope that you have been well and are continuing to help others as you did me.”

P. (Professor)
Northern California

“Before I met Kara, I struggled with “binge” eating. I would turn to food to change the way I felt, to try to fill a void inside me. Kara’s TAT acupressure therapy and Metabolic Balance completely changed my life. 2 years ago I lost 20 pounds and I haven’t gained it back. MB is a lifestyle change that transforms the relationship you have with your mind and body. There have been times when I’ve been afraid that I would “go off the rails” and gain the weight back but MB has proven itself to be a very forgiving program. I am so grateful for my body, for the tools I have today to take care of myself and for Kara. I’ve watched several of my girlfriends lose 30+ pounds working with Kara and just recently my own Mom has begun her MB journey. I cannot recommend MB enough!”

San Jose, CA

“Hi Kara,

I have changed my habits thanks to you. I drink more water between meals and eat huge breakfasts and lunches with fat, protein and vegetables. I eat my chocolate with my meals and I don’t snack. We eat butter, cheese and yoghurt to our hearts delight. By the time I get to dinner, I’m not as hungry.

I feel less bloated and don’t less of those sugar dips in the afternoons. I haven’t weighed myself but I think its too early to tell if I’ve lost weight. I’m training for a race so I don’t tend to lose weight but build muscle instead. Energy is good though.

Thanks so much for your tips. They really worked!”

Sue Lawrence
(Breakthrough Session Participant)


“I began Kara’s ‘Love Your Body Challenge’ and tried to be really consistent.  This was pretty simple to do when I first woke up and again most nights initially on going to sleep.  This really simple process began a process of profound changes.  I came to realize I actually felt guilty eating meat.  I had previously been vegetarian for 15 years but as life changed, and my partner wasn’t vegetarian, I slowly resumed meat eating!  I found myself not wanting to eat meat any more and the transition was a no brainer.  My body was actually craving vegetarian food.  Just recently, I noticed that I have become more confident in myself, with the way I look in my body and the results I am achieving in my work.  Previously, my lack of confidence has been a huge barrier in my moving forward.  The only thing I have been doing differently is Kara’s challenge!  This has been an amazing journey as I feel more ‘connected’ with who I am and who I am here to be than ever before.  This has been the best life changing program I have done and would recommend it to everyone.  I am so grateful for your program Kara.  Thank you.”

Melbourne, Australia
Natural Autism Solutions


“I absolutely loved the Love Your Body Challenge!!! I came to a point in my life where I was ready to be healthy and have a good relationship with food and my body. I declared this to the Universe, and a couple of days later, I receive an email invitation for this program!

Right away, you can see how much love and care, Kara has put into crafting this program to help us love, learn, and live with our bodies. The Body Blueprint is such an amazing tool in getting crystal clear on what you want of your body, the steps to get you there, and even how to navigate roadblocks and obstacles. The daily body challenges and exercises are varied. They can be fun, liberating, challenging, and sometimes a little scary, but always with the love, support, and encouragement that Kara shows to each of us personally as well as support of the the Facebook community group.

I believe all positive change start with love, and that is the foundation of this program. Kara helps us to come back to the place of loving your body and for that, I am ever grateful.”

Michael Beyer
Humbolt County, CA, USA


“I found Kara’s Love Your Body Challenge to be a full-spectrum approach to how we relate to, treat and respond to our body’s unique needs. I was able to set my personal goals and even though losing weight was one of them, I discovered it wasn’t the most important. It’s easy for me to detach and think of my body as “it.” It feels this, it did this, it doesn’t look good. During the challenge I was able to see and make the connection that should seem so obvious – my body is me. I can only love myself if I love my body. It’s a miracle that enables me to accomplish extraordinary things – including just being and living each day.

Now, I understand that my body consciousness as an evolving process. I’m still working towards a weigh that is more ideal for me, and I’m able to do it with gratitude, energy, and guilt-free. Kara’s program is an empowering process that nourishes our physical and emotional needs – absolutely no deprivation found here.”

Marge Piatak
Conscious Pet Connections

“I got from the Love Your Body Challenge a new found clarity of what I like in terms of taking care of my body. For example I reconnected with the fact that I love muscles in my body. That has been huge for me. Yes, I am unique and I have the right to love muscles..

Also, I connected with the fact that I have a Blueprint of perfection and calm in my body and that I absorbed a different Blueprint of anxiety about being fit and lean from my parents and society, which is not my real Blueprint. Now I am using the tools that you provide to refine my real Blueprint, what is in fact perfect for me and my Body. It has been invaluable and I want to continue in this process with you.”

Marinma Dorado
CEO & Founder The Big Crew Change
Madrid, Spain

“Before Kara’s challenge I spent a lot of time beating up my body in an attempt to force it to still be the competitive athlete I was 15 years ago because that was the only way I knew to maintain my active outdoor lifestyle. Needless to say it wasn’t working but I also didn’t know what else to do. Enter Kara and the Love Your Body program.

Within 5 minutes (seriously!) of starting Kara’s challenge a huge lightbulb went off in my head that it didn’t have to be that way. Instead I could draw up a contract of sorts with my body – I could ask it what it wanted from me and in turn I could tell it want I wanted from our relationship. Complete game-changer. I’m not exaggerating that within 2 or 3 days of starting the challenge huge shifts were happening in my relationship with my body, and in turn how I felt both physically and mentally.

I don’t think I can ever thank Kara enough for showing me what was possible. This program and Kara are both pure gold.”

Michelle Warner
Business Strategist
Colorado, USA


“And I must thank you, Kara. More and more I feel that my emotions do not control me, but in fact fuel me. This week’s homework is typical in that regard, and especially wonderful :-)”

Raleigh, North Carolina


“This was my first experience with both Acupuncture and Acupressure and I have nothing but positive things to say.  I am amazed at the results and the space is perfect, great Los Gatos location, spa-like office and Kara is incredible!  She is clearly very knowledgeable and well educated in both Acupuncture and Health/ Nutrition.  One of the things I love (besides the results!) is her non-judgmental nature.  She is very warm and appropriately clinical.  She has a great presence and confidence but is not pushy .  I would highly recommend working with Kara, she can help with almost any issue around body, mind and food cravings.”

Los Gatos, CA


Kara is a diamond in the rough, muddled world of health professionals out there. I can’t recommend her enough. She is a gift to your body and your soul. 

Kara has:

-made me an expert in how to eat and what to eat

-made me feel my body is functioning optimally

-gotten me excited about nutrition

-healed negative thought patterns around body image

-become a trusted consultant and friend in all of my major health decisions

-empowered me to know my body / numbers so well that I feel confident discussing my issues with other health professionals, and can even screen out those that aren’t properly qualified enough to treat me

I came to Kara desperate to learn how to eat right for my body type, and expecting a few tips and some basic knowledge. What I got was so much more, and I had no idea how much I needed it. I had been struggling with my weight for my entire life, tried all the diets, exercised too much, and could never keep the weight off. Kara’s thorough approach revealed I had an auto-immune disease which prevented me from properly metabolizing food, and greatly affected my energy levels. Under her care, I have used diet, supplements, and self-care techniques to get my “numbers” back on track. Not only that, I can now say I have a huge amount of agency over my energy and my body. 

Kara is fluent in several languages of health and wellness, including that secret language that we use to talk to ourselves in our heads (the bargaining, the shaming, the fear). She knows how to address that voice and move us into a relationship that makes us thrive, rather than shrivel. 

I haven’t been able to find anyone that has the extensive and deep skill-set that Kara draws from, and this is why I’ve kept her in my back pocket over the years. Although I no longer need Kara’s services as they relate to food (because she has educated me so well), I keep her as a go-to health consultant, and trusted second opinion. She is so knowledgeable in the realms of science and energy healing that I never proceed with any other treatment before talking to her.

Julia M.
Los Angeles, CA

Before I started the program with Kara, I struggled with numerous health issues that I had no idea were directly attributed to my diet. The biggest struggle was my acne prone skin and my inability to fully balance my hormones. I also suffered from low blood sugar attacks and was constantly hungry. I would bring snacks into work meetings because my stomach growled if I went more than 2 hours without eating. I also dealt with stomach aches on a regular basis and digestion issues. All of this changed after starting the program. I am 10 pounds lighter, sleep better and have more energy than ever before. I rarely have stomach issues (only if I don’t follow my plan) and never have to worry about my stomach growling or snacking between meals. Most importantly, my skin has cleared up. I was hesitant at first and thought how can simple changes to my diet have such a huge impact my overall health, but I had no idea how specialized the program was for each person.  The food plan I was assigned consists of foods that I really enjoy eating and I’ve never felt as nourished and satisfied by my diet as I do now. The is something I’ll continue for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine eating and feeling differently.

Emily Engel
Silicon Valley, CA

When I first started working with Kara (and her program), I had literally tried EVERYTHING I could think of to try to get back to my healthy weight. I had eliminated sugar, wheat and dairy and worked with a health coach and had still only managed to lose 10 lbs over a year. I was so frustrated that nothing was working.

When Kara told me that while working with her my hormones would become balanced and even my hypoglycemia would go away I did not believe her, but I was more than willing to give her program a try. In the first month I lost 10 lbs!!! I was so excited. As promised even my hypoglycemia symptoms went away and I’ve never felt better.

I have lost a total of 25 lbs (a lot for my 5’2″ frame) and I have never felt better, I highly recommend working with Kara and her program.

Lora Frost
Lora Frost Studio
Loveland, CO

I believe being on the program has helped me focus overall…it has brought a renewed discipline to my day and the way I structure it, to my work, to my personal and professional goals, and overall I feel happier – which in itself is a motivating factor to stay focused, push through challenges and adversity, and stay balanced.  It has re-proven to myself that I can achieve my goals, and that it is ok to need some structure and support to get there.  I feel the program and knowing I have you as a coach when I need it is a successful combination.

Silicon Valley, CA

“I can’t believe I am not snacking! I used to be the queen of snacking! Sometimes I even forget and go almost 6 hours and I’m still fine! When I’m hungry, it’s just something I notice and not something that feels like an emergency. I’m obviously not binge eating at night either which is another miracle unto itself. I never thought I’d escape that!”


“And I must thank you, Kara. More and more I feel that my emotions do not control me, but in fact fuel me. This week’s homework is typical in that regard, and especially wonderful :-)”

Raleigh, North Carolina

“I feel great, less anxious, the roller coaster has turned into a kiddie ride, sleeping very well, no heartburn, gas, etc.  I really can’t remember feeling this well.”

Bill Myers
Los Gatos, CA

“Thank you for your work on my sugar addiction.  It has definitely been a different feeling (yet not so different feeling) not having a pull to the sugar.  I’ve had opportunity to order desserts and I’ve declined because it just doesn’t interest me whatsoever.  Additionally, I have eaten a little sugar and had no thoughts about the fact I did it until I reviewed my day before sleep.  Wonderfully weird indeed!”




I recently participated in your Acupressure therapy to help reduce my food cravings. As someone with a sweet tooth for the last 50 years and a bonafide chocoholic, I didn’t think food therapy would really work, but I decided to give it a try. I am very impressed with the results. Not only did I have 2 lbs. of great chocolate candy in my house untouched for several weeks after the therapy, but I now really think about what sweets I put in my mouth. I only had one session and I feel if I have more, the results will be better still. I plan to send my daughter to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

San Francisco, CA

“Dear Kara,

I wanted to get back to you and let you know of my results from the Acupressure. As you know I have concerns with over indulging in sweets.

The weeks following I did not and still do not eat much sugar. I used to eat many M&M peanuts every night, I have not had any in over three weeks. When I drank coffee I would add sugar, I drink coffee without using any sweeteners, don’t get me wrong I can still eat sweets, but I don’t have the urges any more. I mean I really have to think about it to eat sweets. I don’t enjoy them less, I just have to want them more. Before, the eating of sweets was a daily ritual and it was more than one time a day. Now I lack the cravings for sweets that used to be constant. I tell you, that procedure is amazing, and I am a true believer.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Berkeley, CA

“A 30 minute phone session with Kara released me from a persistent carbohydrate addiction. I continue to be amazed that my behavior has changed. I find myself walking away from the food table at parties after choosing the gourmet cheeses or veggies and dip rather than the chocolates and pastries :)

Naomi Colb
Life Coach
San Francisco, CA

“I came in to see Kara after Christmas ’07 for help with my chocolate and sugar cravings (addictions). Amazingly after one session, I have complete control over what I eat. I went shopping that very night and while the thought of chocolate entered my mind, I was not interested in buying anything sweet.

I no longer crave sweets every day and on the odd occasion when I indulge, I enjoy it and I am not later overrun with cravings to eat more or go out and buy sweets. Perhaps the best side effect is that I am more inclined to eat healthy foods and feel satisfied. I no longer overeat, which, along with an exercise program, has led to me losing 10 lbs. in a month. Hooray for Kara and her skills and technique!

I recommend her to any and all who have food issues and have a real desire to make a true and permanent change for the better in their lives.”

Paul Coletti
Massage Therapist
San Rafael, CA


“I am so happy that I came to you for an Acupressure treatment for my sugar cravings. Not really an addiction, just an inability to stop after one piece of candy…all the way down to the bottom of the bowl. Well, I’m free, free of the devil candy. I really can have just one piece and not feel like finishing the entire dish. I am really impressed with the treatment. You have a lovely manner. Your space is comfortable and relaxing. I am delighted that we have met and I look forward to staying in touch. But thankfully not with “sugar” issues. I will highly recommend you and particularly your treatment for sugar cravings to family, friends and acquaintances. Thank you.”

— SB
Mortgage Broker
Oakland, CA

“Kara, I think you are fabulous and appreciated meeting you at the session. I have a significant reduction in the cravings for carbs (crackers) and am craving only healthy foods.”

Albany, CA

“I have been able to stop drinking coffee, and in general, not eat too many sweets due to this method. For example, I used it for ice cream and have not really had a craving…”

SF Area East Bay, CA

“Dear Kara:

I wanted to let you know how effective our food session was.  As you know, I am currently trying to manage my weight loss and I have quite a sweet tooth.  This need for sugar and sweets often sabotages my weight loss efforts.

Through my session with you, I discovered the true reason behind my sweet tooth and worked on positive reinforcement statements to aid me in the process of breaking these old habits.  Initially, it proved to be very strong and I did not eat sweets for approximately two weeks, then I fell back into the old habits.  But, as you predicted, lately I have dropped off eating the sweets and have leveled out to healthy eating habits once again.  What a relief!

Thank you for helping me unlock the mystery behind my self-sabotage.  I think that this type of feedback could work for any type of compulsion one might need to work on, like smoking or nail biting, etc.  It would probably also work for anger issues and helping to calm anxiety.

I have enjoyed all of my acupuncture sessions with you and enjoy having you as my practitioner; however I was most impressed with our ONE food craving session, and wanted to let you know the end results.  Thanks again for all your efforts.”


Suzanne Lusk
Fremont, CA

“I was very doubtful that Acupressure could help me control my need for dessert every afternoon. But not only did Kara guide me through the food craving session, she also helped me get past the doubt – all 4 times I told her I was feeling it. That afternoon, I didn’t obsess over dessert & I haven’t since.

I think the session with Kara has helped me eat more consciously – only when I’m hungry & only until I’m full. I really didn’t think it could work – but it did.”

San Francisco, CA

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  And as I whipped through a box of Girl Scout cookies earlier this year, I realized it was a little out of control.

I did some food craving sessions with Kara and was amazed at the immediate shifts I experienced.  Right away I noticed that when I did eat sweets, my taste buds felt neutralized. It was like I didn’t have to have another cookie – one was enough.  I love that in working with Kara, it’s not about giving up foods I enjoy, rather it’s about not feeling run by food anymore.

Kara’s calming and caring demeanor made me feel totally comfortable throughout the entire process.  She’s supportive and non-judgmental, which is great when you’re sharing your personal habits and feelings around a sometimes sensitive subject.  If you want to change your relationship with food, please contact Kara.”

Jennifer Lee
Certified Life Coach,
Artizen Coaching

“I first approached Kara because I was having difficulty with chocolate, and being a personal trainer and wellness coach, I knew this would not do. To say I was skeptical would be a gross understatement, and adding to my skepticism was Kara’s testimonial from a patient who achieved relief from a craving after only one session. I found it to be a fascinating exercise, but truly felt that the first time I was really stressed, I’d fall. Was it successful for me? Absolutely. If you’re having a problem with chocolate, you should give Kara a call.

After getting results for my difficulty with chocolate, I decided to give Kara a real test – my allergic reaction to gluten, which was even more troubling to me. I had been without breads and pasta (heresy for a Sicilian-American) for quite a while and sorely missed them. Long story short…it worked like a charm!

Kara employs this surprisingly straightforward technique with compassion, clarity, respect, a sense of humor where appropriate, great patience and clearly loves her work. If you’ve been plagued by a similar problem, give Kara a call.”

Zo De Muro
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach
Berkeley, CA

“In 2005, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As a lifelong mass consumer of chocolate, I suddenly had to reconcile my desire to eat a lot of chocolate at night before I went to sleep with its direct impact on my health.

Kara did a great job in a single short session to help me with my chocolate cravings. It wasn’t difficult, painful or embarrassing, but it did get to the root of the problem.

Since my session, my morning blood-sugar levels have dropped from the 120s to the 80s and 90s, and it’s been a lot easier to resist chocolate. I think what Kara did was “willpower helper,” taking my desire to change things and giving me the edge to keep my resolution.

I recommend it to anyone who has to change their life patterns in order to avoid specific food cravings.”

Novato, CA

“I hired Kara because I had strong cravings for popcorn every afternoon. I’m a peak performance athlete and have been a vegetarian for 25 years and popcorn was my weakness. This troubled me. I didn’t think it was possible, but my cravings were gone in one session, and I actually haven’t had popcorn since our session. I am still amazed!

Kara is an awesome coach that gets results! Anyone that has food cravings should contact her.”

Peak Performance Athlete / Author

“I had a session with Kara Sorensen regarding my cravings for coffee. I have craved coffee for over 20 years and for a period of time, I drank it every day. However, I got headaches in the middle of the night and even though coffee took away the headache the next morning, it was uncomfortable to wake up with a headache.

For that reason, I stopped drinking coffee several years ago to eliminate my headaches, but the craving never ceased. I wanted coffee every day of my life. Kara assisted me regarding this craving. At the end of an hour, I was clear of the conflict and realized this went way back to my religious upbringing. Now, I’m able to drink coffee or leave it, as the emotional charge is gone. I feel so relieved!”

San Francisco, CA

“I have been a Pepsi addict since I first drank the stuff.  I would drink 5+ Pepsi’s a day. Well, I know it’s not good for my weight or my cholesterol. Kara introduced me to Acupressure. I truly didn’t believe in it.

However- I have had several Acupressure sessions and although I still drink Pepsi, I only drink one a day. Also, I have greatly decreased my sugar intake, started cooking, exercising and enjoying life again. Hmmm, could it be the Acupressure?”

Mary P.
Pittsburg, CA

“Before my Acupressure session with Kara, I worried about food often. What have I eaten today? How will it affect how I look in my clothes? Should I go on a diet again? These were not new questions. I asked myself these things several times a day. It was tiring. I knew something was wrong with this, and that it was not how I wanted to live my life.

It started when I joined a national weight loss program. I had been overweight my entire life, and with this plan I lost 30 pounds in about 5 months (20% of my body weight). The first 20 come off easily, but it was the last 10 that were more difficult. I exercised for at least an hour each day and watched everything I ate. I planned my meals, and while I was eating one meal, I was already thinking about the next. If I deviated from my menu for the day, I would beat myself up for eating something that I shouldn’t have. It affected my sleep, and I was blacking out.

I first went to a psychiatrist and confessed that I spent a lot of time thinking about food. She saw nothing wrong with this and said, “Well, if you find yourself obsessing, give yourself a time frame where you’re allowed to think about it, and when that time is up… stop.” Easier said than done. Nothing changed.

In fact, things got worse. I was often tired and irritable, so I decided to find a nutritionist. We went over my average daily caloric intake and exercise routine. She helped explain the physiologic reasons behind my obsession with food. This was helpful… I wasn’t crazy! My body was reacting in a totally “rational” manner. Her advice was to eat more, and specifically add more carbohydrates to my diet. I did and was almost instantly able to sleep through the night without waking up and obsessing about food.

I felt better and had more energy, but then I started to gain weight. This did not sit well with me. I had worked so hard to lose that weight… Why should I allow myself to gain any of it back? I went through a time where I would be content with my food intake, but then the pendulum would swing in the other direction (usually after I would find that certain clothes no longer fit me the way they used to) and I would severely restrict my food intake. This was not fun, and I often wondered whether I could ever have a “normal” relationship with food.

This went on for months, and then I found Kara. I was interested in acupuncture for an unrelated matter, but somehow, the “food issue” came up in my conversations with Kara. She thought that Acupressure might be able to help me. I always felt so comfortable with Kara, and hoped that this would finally be the breakthrough I needed.

The Acupressure session itself was different from what I had imagined. I thought that Kara would apply pressure to various parts of my body (sort of along the lines of needles in Acupuncture), but no… the pressure came from my own two hands. Kara guided me through a series of questions, and the answers that came out of me were things that I had not shared with anyone else – ever. It was all so effortless and everything made so much sense. After the session, it literally felt as if great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. All of my food anxiety was gone. It was the craziest thing! I was so much happier, and my body image improved dramatically.

I would not say that I am entirely healed. The mind plays funny tricks on you, and old fears/insecurities come back to the surface. I look forward to another session, and continuing to break old habits that have plagued me for years. With Kara’s help, I believe that I can definitely make this happen.”

Berkeley, CA

“My work with Kara is centered around food cravings. I have had over 30 years of struggle with food, as many women do. Kara helped me resolve these issues so that I can eat and enjoy food again. This has helped me enjoy a more healthy diet, and treat myself to the foods I like, as well. She is caring and understanding in her sessions and really understands how to get to the bottom of my struggles so that I can go on and enjoy my life.”

Business Strategist
San Anselmo, CA

“My husband and I came to see Kara to get help with our reactions to red wine. We enjoyed drinking wine, but it created allergy symptoms, which wasn’t fun. Since our single session, Jack and I have been drinking red wine with no adverse reactions! We don’t get stuffed up and can breathe easily. We could tell something had changed during the session, and then were delighted when we tested it out. It’s wonderful! So, thank you! I’ve also had great results with the work we did on my carbohydrate cravings.”

Amira Alvarez, M.AmSAT
Certified Alexander Technique Instructor

“Hi Kara,

I have had good results from our acupressure session! I had to laugh because the day after our session, my boyfriend bought me a small box of chocolates for our anniversary. I was excited because I ate only one or two chocolates at a time, instead of the whole box all at once, and found that I really enjoyed them.

Since then, I have been impressed because I still eat and even crave a sweet here and there, but I don’t eat them ravenously in large quantities any longer. I feel much more in tune with my body so that I am better able to enjoy the sweets and can stop eating them when my body says enough.

I am very happy with the results!”

Tara Valcarcel
San Francisco, CA

“I went to see Kara because I knew there was something off in my relationship with tea and coffee. I noticed that when I was out to coffee with a girlfriend, I didn’t need to drink the whole cup, but when I was home alone, I would go through 2 or 3 cups in the morning without thinking, and then drink black tea with milk and sugar in the afternoon — sometimes ALL afternoon. What I found in my work with her was that the warm, sweet drinks were standing in for love that I desperately wanted, and couldn’t find on my own (I could find it when I was with a friend). My mantra became, “I choose to have all the love I need,” and my desire for those sweet things diminished remarkably. I still drink tea and coffee, but much more mindfully. I found Kara’s approach to my weirdness around tea to be exactly what I needed. She found the heart of the issue in under an hour, and her solution continues to serve me, many months later. I can’t recommend her highly enough to people with “inexplicable” food cravings.”

Michele V.
Berkeley, CA

Hi Kara,

“The process you did with me around my cravings for cake, frosting, and pasta were very effective.  I have never been overweight, but I was tired of expending sooooo much effort to eat right and avoid overeating certain foods. I wanted to just feel peaceful about food.

We did three sessions.  It was a simple and unobtrusive process.  More psychological than I had expected.  Perfectly painless, that’s for sure.

I now have control when I am around these foods.  I still like them, but when they’re around, I am not obsessed with them.  This is a wonderful change.  I think I need one more treatment to deal with butter but I am completely thrilled with the results I have so far!

Just yesterday, I walked past a piece of cake on a buffet table that looked delicious, mocha, my favorite and kept on walking because I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry and knew I didn’t want that much sweet stuff at that time of day.”

Thank you,

“Kara helped me identify what emotional / thought patterns were causing me to turn to food to avoid the overwhelm that takes over my life sometimes. I find her work to be very helpful and life changing. She has a warm and friendly demeanor, which automatically makes you feel at ease. She is highly knowledgable and has extensive training in Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, and TAT. Highly recommended!”

R. Heather
Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Kara!!

“I haven’t had any problems with cake since the treatment.”

Jonell Owens
SF East Bay, CA

“I had two sessions with Kara and over three weeks I’ve lost 10 of the 25 pounds I targeted as my goal, without even thinking about it.  I just step onto the scale in the morning to witness the miracle continuing.  Try Kara’s magic in her office or over the phone.  She calls it the Food Craving Solution and there’s a video on her website about this service. I’m here to tell you it works.”

San Jose, CA

“I have had a great interest in the last decade as to how to handle food related issues and addictions.  I am trained in many modalities and have done extensive research.  My experience with TAT and Kara Sorensen has been a turning point for me.  It brings together the best of all the other systems I studied and tried.  It is efficient, graceful, grounded, direct, and above all – it really works.  Not only does TAT deliver lasting solutions to the “problem” I came with, but it gently opens new pathways of possibilities that I hadn’t even considered.  Quite frankly, after my first session, I was shocked.  Shock soon wore off and transformed into a deeply peaceful satisfaction and excitement about what I had finally found.  I cannot recommend Kara enough – she has a deep passion and proficiency with this work.  I am very pleased.”

Santa Cruz, CA

“I came to Kara for help with my PMS after finding the TAT sessions I did with her in the past very successful for alleviating intense sugar/processed carb cravings.

My PMS symptoms consisted of very intense irritability and mood swings, fatigue, body aches, and chocolate cravings. These symptoms usually stared 7-10 days before my period started. This has been going on for many years, and none of the many things I tried helped much.

I went to see Kara for a TAT session 5 days before my period, and continued to do TAT at home on my own for the next few days after the treatment. The irritability disappeared immediately after the treatment, and never returned. The mood swings never happened, and the fatigue, body aches, and chocolate cravings were very mild compared to their usual extreme intensity.

I believed TAT would work for my PMS, because after using it to alleviate a back ache during a TAT session when Kara I realized I could experiment with using it for all types of physical pain–including menstrual cramps. I am usually unable to leave the house the first day of my period due to the severity of my menstrual cramps. Now I just do TAT when the cramps starts, and I can get the cramps to disappear within approximately 20 minutes.

When I used to take NSAID’s for the cramps (i.e. advil or alieve), the cramps would always come back a few hours later and often even stronger, requiring me to take more pills that I know have numerous side effects. With TAT the cramps don’t come back. Learning TAT has been very empowering and has put me in direct contact with the innate healing power of my body, mind, and spirit.”


“Just a few words of gratitude for all your kind help throughout the year. Your expertise and healing knowledge have made such a difference in my life. Seeking that all too difficult to find healthy balance is made easier with you. I look forward to working with you this coming year.”

San Yuan Batista, CA

“I highly recommend doing the standard process liver cleanse from Kara Sorensen. It was truly a life changing experience! During and after the cleanse, my clarity increased, my energy levels increased, my skin was glowing (I actually looked younger), my sleep improved and digestion improved, my PMS subsided, my moods were more balanced, and my joints felt more limber. My friends said to me, “Wow you look great! What are you doing differently?” Then, I told them about the cleanse and they were excited and interested in it.”

Jaynie Farnsworth
Acupressure and Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner
Professional Swimmer
Teacher, MA

“I started seeing Kara late 2010 on the advice of a friend who was concerned about my blood sugar fluctuations and the moodiness that went with them. I talked about my issues with Kara and we started acupuncture which helped considerably.

She told me about a cleanse that helps control sugar cravings and I did the 21 day liver cleanse in January 2011. All I can say is WOW! The cleanse changed eating habits. I look and feel great!

I purged out my impurities, lost my sugar and caffeine cravings, lost weight, my skin cleared and I have a lot more drive and energy.

It really was the best thing I could have done for myself and am going to do this cleanse twice a year.

Seeing Kara has changed my life. We got the food cravings under control, which helped me with my mild depression and moodiness. I also shed several pounds in the process.

She inserts the needles as gently as possible and listens to you when you have a problem. Acupuncture and acupressure are excellent tools to help you get your body on track.

If you have ever wanted to give this a try, see Kara, she really is the best and so knowledgeable about herbs and food.”

San Jose, CA

“Magic. That”s it. It”s the only word to describe what Kara provides.

I found Kara by accident actually, now I”ll say “fate” led me to her. After years of therapy, diet plans, yo-yo syndrome, I can make the claim  “I have control over food!”, it does not control me. Two acupressure sessions, allowed me to acknowledge why I craved.  The sessions set me free. Carb and sugar cravings are long gone. This does not mean I never have a thought about breads, desserts or candy, it means I don’t act on those thoughts. The thoughts leave as quickly as they appear. I feel it’s a matter of the brain retraining itself. It”s truly amazing! Food is not a “desire” now, it is a necessity. Kara has a strong desire to help people. Her passion and energy fill the room. She gently leads you to the depths of your concerns, and seems to know “there just may be one more thing” to acknowledge.

Kara suggested I go on the cleanse. If I had not had my first two sessions with her, there is absolutely no way I could have stuck with the cleanse. By day 3, I would have sabotaged the program. But I can honestly say, it has been an easy process and I have never felt so good. My energy is up and sleeping is blissful. With Kara’s guidance and expertise, I know I am finally on the road to better health and greater emotional happiness. Kara is your last stop with weight issues.

Plus I must add, Kara offers the highest customer service you will ever experience. She definitely lets you know she is there for you! Fabulous support!

Thank you Kara, for your expertise, your gentle spirit and your passion.”

San Jose

“Kara is a fantastic and unique coach. She is intuitive, present, and supportive. Kara is highly skilled at helping me work through any emotional or mental obstacles that may come up during our session while keeping me focused on my goal. It’s like having a coach and therapist all at once! I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.

Kara believes in me even when I’m not (yet) able to do so. Her compassion is immense. No matter my state of mind at the start of the session, I always leave feeling motivated, clear, and inspired – and one step closer to reaching my goals. Thank you, Kara!”

K.P., San Francisco

“Thanks Kara!!  I really enjoyed the cleanse!  Have rediscovered that healthy eating is delicious and have so many new meals in my repertoire.  I get complimented on my skin all the time, people keep asking me what products i’m using!   I actually laughed this morning because I had the option of eggs or other things and I just decided to go with my shake because I have really grown to enjoy them, strawberry and carob with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon!  I have also found some great teas that I am hoping will permanently replace coffee in my life, although the longing for it has not quite gone away yet.

I am also so glad I met you and am happy to have a wonderful acupuncturist in my life again!  Your work on my back was amazing!!

Also, I lost 9 pounds on the cleanse and am feeling really good about getting back to a weight and state of health where I am comfortable in my body and feel able to maintain it without “dieting”.  Thanks for everything and I will be in touch in the next couple of weeks about the adrenal regimen.  We will definitely make this an annual event maybe even 2x per year.”


“I’ve tried so many different programs for weight loss, and none of them were effective–so I was afraid to invest so much money on another program that (in my mind) might not work.

So far, I have lost 20 lbs and my high blood pressure has lowered to almost normal levels

The best part of the program is that it works! I feel (and look) better than I have in a long time. It was worth every penny! I would and have recommended both you and the metabolic balance® program to anyone who expresses dissatisfaction with their health and/or weight.”

Meagan Calahan
Los Gatos, CA

“I was working out 6-7 days/week, and eating low cal healthy foods, while still gaining weight. I was tired of being a slave to food. Re-setting my metabolism makes sense – I can continue exercising and eating right and reap the benefits of staying slim.

I am happy that I can fit into my favorite pants again, and I am mad that I have to buy new work clothes, since they are too big for me now. And this is all in the first 3 weeks of the program! I lost several inches and 80% of my weight loss goal in the first two weeks of starting the program. I am not hungry and hardly ever think about food.

I like not feeling hungry and enjoying the foods that I prepare for myself. In addition, I have a lot of energy. I like that I have control over food and weight and the fact that I am learning a lifestyle, not a fad. Working with you, I enjoy your enthusiasm and support during my progress. You are there for the ups and downs and want to have the right solution for all the issues that may come up

I was afraid that it might be very stringent in what types of food I can eat and the fact that I had to weigh food. I was also skeptical that this may be another failed attempt on my part to achieve weight loss. As for the program, people should know that it helps them for EVER. It is not a short term solution, but a life change. They should know that they would need to buckle up for few weeks and work hard at first, but the beauty of this program is that the reward comes very fast.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who struggled like me.”

Isabel Kazemi
San Rafael, CA


“I just came back from a dental check-up and I didn’t have any cavities, my gums did not bleed and I was told my mouth was really clean.  The reason I’m telling you this is because they were amazed and wanted to know what i had been doing. I told them I don’t junk food anymore, quit diet coke and, and I don’t eat rice/pasta/gluten on a regular basis.  These are all the things I have been doing because of your program.”




“On the ice-cream front, I have DEFINITELY noticed a huge difference on my interest levels with this food as well as the amounts I am having. My boyfriend bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday on Tuesday and I still have 85% of it left – this is huge and wouldn’t have EVER been the case before.  I say ‘RESULT”!”

Stacey, Northern California

When I first started to see Kara I was having some major issues with food cravings.  Specifically sugar. I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried so many other ways to get control of my sugar intake and they all failed.  Kara definitely has the solution to your food issues.  We got to the source of the problem and began to do the healing and resolve the underlying reasons for my food cravings.  Kara is wonderful and her service is amazing.  Kara changed my life!

San Jose, CA

“Kara has the magic lamp.  You tell her your wish and she will use the magic lamp to make your wish come true.  What she did for me is a miracle.  I thought I always had to live with my eating disorder but the gorilla on my back is now gone.  I am one of the normal people with normal eating habits.  If you have any eating disorder, don’t wait.  See her right away!!”

Linda P.
Santa Clara, CA

“Kara is beyond Fabulous! I started seeing her to help with some pain issues I was having & ended up with so much more than pain relief. We all have so many ailments that we don’t even recognize or have just come to tolerate. But guess what we aren’t suppose to be in pain, tired or over eat. I did a food craving session with Kara for my addiction to sweets, every night before I went to bed I had to have some kind of sweet. Which is the worst for weight loss! I did this session 6 months ago and I not only stopped the bedtime sweet addiction but overall have a handle on how much I do eat. Made it thru the holidays without eating every candy, cookie or cake in sight with flying colors. The best part is I don’t miss it or feel deprived.

So if you go in for some back pain don’t be surprised if you come out PAIN & CRAVING FREE :)

Thank you Kara!!:

Rachel K.
San Jose, CA

“I went to Kara for some anxiety issues.  After some very in-depth analysis, she guided me through a process of self-applied acupressure and focus.  Her gentle and non judgmental guidance really helped me to visualize letting go of some of my anxiety and the trauma that caused it.  I feel as if I’ve begun to address the traumatic event through my session with Kara, and am beginning to have  a different perspective about it.  The thoughts, feelings and emotions related to it have totally faded.  I feel so much more relaxed and am better able to be in the present, as opposed to constantly reliving these events that contributed to my anxiety.

Kara is gifted and skillful at what she does.  And the fact that this was accomplished all over the phone/computer, is wonderful!!  I love that I could do this from my home and it was a very lovely and comfortable experience.  I can’t wait until my next session!!

Thanks Kara, you rock!”

Berkeley, CA