What I LOVE even MORE than Chocolate

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praline-chocolates-chocolate-chocolatier-66234Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chocolate. Other than the double-decker coffee ice cream I enjoyed as a kid, it’s my all-time favorite dessert. I like it dark, and don’t need very much to be satisfied. I savor it and enjoy it fully. Chocolate, in my mind, is truly a gift of nature.

But, what is even more satisfying than eating chocolate is the ability to PAUSE. Hold up, I’m sure that sounds weird, like, no, just give me the chocolate! Seeing my clients after a session where they worked to transform their obsession/craving for chocolate, brings me great joy.


Because I know they’re free. Free to enjoy. Free to pause and decide.

If you’re not in charge of what you eat, it’s in charge of you. At least it feels that way.
When I’m talking about pausing here, I’m not talking about pausing to breathe, to discharge tension when you’re stressed, because you don’t want to inhale the chocolate candies your co-worker left. I teach how to do that–and that’s a valuable thing to learn and practice–but I’m talking about a permanent shift where pausing just happens naturally.

I’m talking about the ability to pause and peacefully decide:

1- Do I want chocolate right now?

2- If I eat some, do I want to continue, or have I had enough?

3- Do I want to go on a chocolate hiatus for a few weeks of months (for health or other reasons)?

These are very important because they describe the internal feeling of FREEDOM that happens when you’ve cleared out all the mental/emotional baggage that we have about chocolate. Once that baggage is gone, freedom. There’s nothing in the way of choosing what’s right for you in each and every moment.

Can you imagine that feeling? Not being lured by chocolate?

It’s a freedom you absolutely deserve!

I hate–yes, that’s a strong word–but I really don’t like hearing women talking about how they have to stay away from certain foods because:

“If I start, I can’t stop!”

They’re sure they’ll inhale the whole thing, and then feel horrible afterward: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The self-abuse that follows is painful. Why, because that’s what always happens. I know this because I’ve been there.

I can’t stand it because there’s such an easy solution for it, and I’ve been offering it for over a decade.

Valentines Day is coming up, and everyone is going to be talking about love and chocolate. I may or may not have chocolate on that day, I don’t plan that far ahead…LOL. But what I do plan on doing, is offering free chats with women who are struggling with their really strong cravings for chocolate, or other sweets. I used to be one of them, I’ve helped hundreds of women (and men), and I love helping them get to the other side, where obsessions and cravings for chocolate, are a thing of the past and they just enjoy their FREEDOM.

What does this look like? Like being able to be in the checkout lane at the grocery store and feel at ease seeing all the chocolate, even the ones you like. Like walking to the chocolate aisle and deciding if you want some chocolate and which one, and then leaving it in your cupboard until you decide to eat it (not when it decides for you).

It looks like getting on with your life and enjoying chocolate–or not enjoying chocolate–and being happy either way.

How would your life change if you had the freedom to choose, to feel the pause, to enjoy the moment, chocolate or no chocolate?

Check back here next week, or sign up to receive email updates on the right, as I’ll be offering free chats to help you build a plan to get over that hurdle. It’ll be an irresistible, no-cost solution to the irresistible chocolate-craving problem you will soon be free from.

Much Love,



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