I Stopped Depriving Myself!

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I finally said “Yes” to my utterly unreasonable and wildly heartfelt dream, a yearning that’s been with me for far too long. I kept putting it off. “It wasn’t the right time.” “I didn’t have the resources.” “This is only for rich people.” I was depriving myself.

Horses. Horses kept calling to me, from photographs, from pastures, tugging at my heart. The very site of a draft horse would move me to tears, and I didn’t know why. Little did I know that draft horses are incredible healers, and their gentle power is exactly what I needed in my life, for my clients, and for my own health journey.

I’ve always wanted horses in my life. I had a pony in my early teens, but I grew too big for her. I said I’d have one again, but kept saying “Later.” I would avoid going to stables because I didn’t want to long for them.


But then I saw a photo of my friend Devon Combs leading a huge draft horse (see left) on Instagram, and my heart melted. She had been encouraging me to come to one of her healing retreats since we met in 2012. I kept saying I’d do it later. Always later. I can tell you there was no benefit in waiting. I was pushing away my unbridled joy.

So I followed my curiosity. The more I found out about what Devon was doing, the more I wanted to know. It was a like craving, driving me forward, but the kind of craving that leads one home, instead of into the fridge. I knew I needed to be involved. So, I found a local coach. Fast forward, in December, I am doing a coaching session with my new coach Vivian Thwaits and her beautiful horse Skye Mama (black horse below) who just happens to be half draft horse! I feel like I’ve returned home. It was just what my soul needed, the spirit of horses.


Following in the footsteps of Devon and Vivian, I signed up for a coaching program to teach me how to partner with horses, to help humans heal on a deep level. I do this when I find something powerful, I jump on it so I can share it with my clients. I did the same thing when I became a metabolic balance coach.

This huge leap of faith, felt crazy, insane even, but looking back, even just a month later, it was my obvious next step. In 2020, I’ll be offering private sessions and retreats for women. They’ll be focused on helping women heal their bodies and their relationship with food on a deep level, assisted by our powerful equine friends. I’ll be helping women connect with their soul and what lights them up, because that’s how you satisfy a craving, food or otherwise, you feed yourself on all levels, spirit, mind, and body. Horses can help here.

Working with horses is powerful. They’re masters at helping us step into our passion, our authenticity, and our power. They literally nudge us gently towards our dreams.

I’ll be weaving this new work into my current mission to help women learn to partner with their bodies, instead of working against them. To embrace their freedom, nourish themselves deeply and honor the wisdom of their bodies, so they can live an embodied and joy-filled life. When women learn to listen to and trust their bodies a whole new world opens. They have more time and energy to enjoy the little things and the big things in life, including their bodies! It’s a whole new paradigm, and it’s absolutely possible to live this way, horses just make it easier.

Horses were the next step in my own healing journey. Working with horses is the next step for me in my career in helping my clients love their bodies, as horses model that just by being beautiful, powerful sensitive creatures. I’ll be sharing my journey, and I hope you enjoy it as I much as I will.

What dream do you need to say yes to? Leave a comment below, or send an email and let me know, so I can cheer you on!

All the best,


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