Body Wisdom Mastery™

I work with sensitive, intelligent women who have achieved many things in their lives, but don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.  Emotional eating and stress are keeping them in a cycle of  weight gain and body shame. You want to feel good in your body, but dread getting dressed in the morning. Expectations from yourself, others and society weigh on you. You want to change but keep falling into old habits, and feel powerless.  You know you have a lot to offer the world and the people you care about yet you’re not living up to your full potential. Your lack of confidence is holding you back, but you know you deserve better.


I help you connect to your strengths and harness your emotions so you can thrive in your life and feel in charge of your own experience and your eating.  Your emotions become your strength instead of a hindrance and allow you to experience life in a fulfilling way you never dreamed possible.  Your eating habits change, because you’re addressing the core of your stress. You can enjoy food, because you’re let go of the struggle. The good news is this can all be done over the phone.

Do You:

  •   Eat your feelings?
  •   Feel like you’re too sensitive and you easily get overwhelmed?
  •   Long for more meaningful connections?
  •   Constantly feel frazzled, behind, and wonder if you’re getting lost in the shuffle?
  •   Find it hard to navigate in a world of extroverts?
  •   Take care of everyone else but leave yourself behind?
  •   Feel like you’re not being present in your life the way you want to be?
  •   Fear you’re wasting precious years of your life and you’ll regret this?
  •   Wish you were a little more thick skinned?

You can end this struggle and be happy and have a strong foundation of fulfillment. You can have the life you want and be seen for your strengths and unique gifts.  You can love the skin you’re in and appreciate your body, even as it’s changing. You can feel comfortable being you, with all your emotions and feelings. The best part is you don’t have to become someone you’re not.


  •   Feeling strong and confident in the world
  •   Consistent, dedicated time to focus on yourself
  •   Experiencing more joy, aliveness, and laughter
  •   Eliminating confusion by tapping into your own innate inner knowing
  •   Understanding how your emotions, even the negative one actually guide you towards what’s right for you
  •   Waking up each day feeling excited for your day
  •   Feeling seen and heard
  •   Ending the overwhelm
  •   Really experiencing life and all it’s beauty each and every day
  •   Connecting with your creativity and spending time doing more of what you enjoy
  •   Feeling like your emotions don’t run you, but support you
  •   Being more present with your family, your co-workers and friends because you’re more comfortable in your own skin
  •   Gaining insights that lead to actions that help improve your whole life
  •   Owning your unique and quirky gifts

Why would you want to hire a coach?

The bottom line is my clients transform their lives, reach goals they once believed were impossible, and make their dreams come true.   If you’re looking for someone to simply tell you what to do then keep looking. You’re in the wrong place.

Coaching focuses on the whole person teaching you tools and strategies that will be your individual road map to happiness and fulfillment.

How It Works

Before we ever hop on the phone you will be given access to the Jumpstart Your Life pre-work where you will discover what’s unique about you and really sets the course for our work together.  This deep dive analysis into your values and life is extremely powerful.

We begin with a 1.5 hour long discovery session where you will get clear on your goals, where you feel stuck in your life, and a plan to move out of the overwhelm and confusion that keeps you feeling unfulfilled in your life.

Your discovery session is followed by 4, 30 minute private phone sessions where you will connect with your truth, and your stuck places and find your unique path to living your life, leading to more joy, more laughter, and feeling more alive.

You may not be familiar with coaching.  You may wonder if this will work for you.  I invite you to hop on the phone and get your questions answered.  You have nothing to lose and if you’re feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and like something is missing you owe this to yourself.

Schedule your free 30 min Breakthrough Session clicking the green button below. This does not obligate you to buy anything. You’ll walk away with one valuable and tangible tip you can implement in your life:




You are a good fit for this coaching program if you answer yes to the below questions:


  •   Do you need time to recharge alone?
  •   Is it hard to ask for what you need?
  •   Is taking time for yourself an ongoing challenge?
  •   Are you overwhelmed, and feel like you’re not living up to your full potential?

My clients get amazing results but not everyone is a good fit to work with me as their coach.

You are not a good to work with  me if you answered yes to the below questions


Are You:

  •   Uninterested in self-reflection or inner processes?
  •   Under the belief that things just are the way they are, you can’t change things?
  •   One to complain but resist change?
  •   Unwilling to stretch or try new things?
  •   Someone who has a hard time being honest with yourself and accountable?
  •   Blaming others and not yet taking personal responsibility?

Read below about what others are saying about my one on one coaching program:

“Kara is a fantastic and unique coach. She is intuitive, present, and supportive. Kara is highly skilled at helping me work through any emotional or mental obstacles that may come up during our session while keeping me focused on my goal. It’s like having a coach and therapist all at once! I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.

Kara believes in me even when I’m not (yet) able to do so. Her compassion is immense. No matter my state of mind at the start of the session, I always leave feeling motivated, clear, and inspired – and one step closer to reaching my goals. Thank you, Kara!”

San Francisco, California

“And I must thank you, Kara. More and more I feel that my emotions do not control me, but in fact fuel me. This week’s homework is typical in that regard, and especially wonderful :-)”

Raleigh, North Carolina