Reset Your Metabolism

I work with smart women who have achieved many things in their lives. They’re successful in most everything they do, but can’t shed the weight and feel powerless. They eat well, but when stress hits, they may give into cravings and it impacts their lives, especially their self esteem. They’re stuck in a cycle of weight gain and hopelessness!

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much food you should eat—and in what proportions—to keep your body running perfectly?

Do you want to lose weight, but want to be kind and loving to you and your body?

Ever wondered exactly which foods are best for you—not for your skinny friend who can eat anything?

Do You:

• Generally eat clean, but lose control with certain foods during times of stress?

• Dread getting dressed in the morning, ’cause things are too snug?

• Fear you’ll never lose the weight as the old ways don’t work?

• Exercise, but can’t lose inches?

You can end the love/ hate relationship with food and your body.  I know you may have tried “everything” but if you’re still struggling, you haven’t tried this.


• Ending the struggle with food and simply enjoying food again

• Looking forward to getting dressed and actually enjoy shopping for clothes

• Feeling that spring in your step, and being able to perform at your full potential

• Showing up at your next event feeling confident and carefree

• Feeling good when you button those jeans

Introducing The Reset Your Metabolism Program:

A 12 week coaching program where you receive an individualized plan to balance your metabolism and hormones all by eating the foods that nourish you.

This program is designed to help you let go of unwanted habits and stress that keep you stuck. Through Coaching, learning modules and other powerful tools, you’ll move beyond what you’ve been able to achieve. Your individualized Nutritional plan will help you release the fat in a healthy way. This eating plan is based on your metabolic blood panel.  No more worrying about what foods are right for you. You’ll know what feels good and you’ll  feel better when you eat them! You’ll also have flexibility for your ongoing healthy lifestyle.

The Break Down:

We kick things off with a 45 min consult so that you get a weight loss plan that is 100% customized to you, your body, and your needs, based on a metabolic blood panel.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and this is one of the things that makes The Reset Your Metabolism Program different from anything else you’ve tried.

Over the next 11 weeks you will have 3 private Food Craving Relief sessions in person or over the phone.  You’ll release what’s weighing you down and has kept you from reaching your goals. These sessions are powerful and you can use them for self sabotaging habits, or fears of not being able to lose weight. You choose what you want to work on and I guide you to your freedom.

You will have 9 additional private coaching sessions which will help you stay on track, tweak your food plan and help you find solutions for any issues (social, lifestyle, old habits, etc.) that may be preventing your from following the plan and getting the results your heart desires. You’ll be changing the habits that you’ve been wanting to change, and coaching will help it stick.

You will also have 3 teaching webinars that set the stage for your success, in the beginning, middle and towards the end of your program.


In addition you will receive a few tools I personally created to help you continue to make progress towards your goals:

1) The Brain Shift:  

An exercise you can do anywhere anytime (except maybe underwater) to help shift you out of fight or flight (aka stress response) into peace and calm where you can feel your strength and your knowing and make wise decisions.

2) Visualization Success Tool: 

Instructions for using imagery, combined with Acupressure, to help you eliminate obstacles to reaching your goals faster and with more ease.

3) Guided Acupressure Session:

A recording of me walking you through an Acupressure session on your own so you can do a session any time you need, for a stressful event, cravings or other unwanted visitors to your peace of mind.

You are a good fit for The Reset Your Metabolism Program if you answer yes to 7 or more of the following:

Are You:

• Doing your inner work! Whether it’s affirmations, psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, shamanism, life coaching, reading books, taking workshops, but still struggle?

• Actively trying to change yet can’t stop certain behaviors?

• Have plenty of motivation but think you lack willpower?

• Embarrassed about your behavior and hide it?

• Know what foods you shouldn’t eat, but not exactly what nourishes you?

• Accomplished in many areas but peace with food and your weight have eluded you?

• Mentally beating yourself up because you know better?

• Tired of trying so many things without lasting results?

• Someone who believes that your body can heal and you’d prefer to do it naturally rather than with medications or surgery?

• Feeling like you have a greater purpose, but you’re not living up to your full potential?

• On a spiritual path, even if you can’t describe it?

• Sensitive (you’ve never been called thick skinned)?

• Willing to look inward and come up with solutions (they ARE in there)?

Wondering if this program will work for you? Keep reading!  If you’re curious, schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me:

For the right person, the Reset your Metabolism program is a game changer, but this will not work for everyone. It will change your life but you have to be ready to step up and do the work. The work is internal work, but also making changes with self care and food preparation habits.

Please make sure you are the right person for this level of support.

The Session is not for:

• The person looking for the latest fad, quick fix and your health is not your first priority.

• The person who is in early stages of coping with an addiction.

• The person who has struggled with anorexia / bulimia and has not conmpleted treatment.

The Session is for:

• The person who is eager for changes, ready for inner work and willing to get to the root of what has been preventing you from feeling freedom with food and your weight.

• The person who wants healthy weight loss and is willing to work on the internal issues to finally be free of what’s holding you back.

• The person who wants to approach weight loss from a non drug and non diet approach – you might even have to adjust medications as your body heals (under the supervision of your doctor of course).

If you’d like more information about who this is not for, please read the FAQ’s below, there’s information that will help you decide.

Ready to fall in love with your body, food, and your life?

Next Step:

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Have questions? Explore the Frequently Asked Questions below:

  • Reset Your Metabolism FAQs
  • Who is this Program Not For?

    This program is not for everyone. Be honest with yourself and ask,

    Are you:

    • Uninterested in self-reflection or inner processes?

    • Under the belief that things just are the way they are, healing is not possible for you?

    • One to complain but you resist change?

    • Aware that your cravings could be killing you, but are unwilling to let go and trust that you could feel even more satisfied in another way?

    • Unwilling to stretch or try new things?

    • Unwilling to eat or prepare real food, fresh from your grocery store or farmers market?

    • Under the impression that organic food is just for hippies or the privileged?

    • Someone who would prefer to take pharmaceuticals if they could work for you?

    • Not able to put your health first right now?

    • Someone who has a hard time following directions or being guided through processes?

    • Someone who has done HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin) treatments?--This requires further treatment.

    • Blaming your genes, your parents or your situation and are not yet taking personal responsibility?

    • Unwilling to temporarily stop eating certain foods that are causing you problems?

    • Unwilling to slow down on exercising for the first 2 weeks of your program (if you're exercising vigorously)?

    • If you binge on pretty much any kind of food, as opposed to specific foods?

    • In the early stages of a 12 step program (less than 2 years in recovery)?

    • Currently struggling with Bulimia, Anorexia and haven't received treatment?

    • You're currently pregnant, breastfeeding or on a strict Vegan diet?

    • Unwilling to abstain from alcohol until you reach your goal

  • Do You Offer Financing?

    Yes, I offer financing and can discuss the options with you when you sign up for your Breakthrough Session.

  • Why can’t I find much about Metabolic Balance® when I Google it?

    Metabolic Balance® is a program from Germany. It's very popular in Germany and across Europe. While it's available around the world from certified coaches, it's popularity hasn't yet reached what it deserves in the United States. Most people find out about Metabolic Balance® through word of mouth, so it may take a while for it to be widely knowns. I find that the results speak for themselves.

  • What is Metabolic Balance®?

    *Please note that the program you're reading about is unique. It is a combination of my Food Craving Program and the Metabolic Balance® from Germany. I only offer the two programs together as I want my patients to have the best possible results. The Food Craving portion of the program is designed to help you let go of your food cravings, and self sabotaging behaviors, so it's easier to start and be successful on your Metabolic Balance® program. I am serious about your results!

      What is Metabolic Balance®?

    METABOLIC BALANCE® - Winner of the prestigious MEDICAL WELLNESS AWARD, 2009 – The all- natural weight management system offering healthy, fast results and long term success.

    Metabolic balance® is a truly unique weight adjustment program that scientifically designs and customizes an all-natural nutrition plan to address your unique metabolic health needs.  This is not your standard diet program, it is an individualized nutrition program.  Your customized nutrition plan is based on your personal blood values and  health data. Over 30 blood values are analyzed, thus establishing the correct parameters needed for proper metabolic and hormonal function.  The nutritional scientists and physicians at the Metabolic Balance® Institute in Germany utilize a proprietary data base of foods which takes into account a foods chemistry, glycemic load and micro-nutrients to build a  precise "road map;” thus, indicating exactly those foods which are nutritionally best as "building material" for your body's cells healthy hormones.

    Your plan is holistic in that it utilizes all food groups. The Diogenes study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 25 November 2010 by T. M. Larsen, verifies that the recommendations of metabolic balance® are in accordance with the latest scientific findings. The balanced distribution and selection of quality foods conforms to modern nutritional teaching:40–45% carbohydrates, 30–35% fat and 20–25% protein.

    By adherence to your personalized plan and set of rules such as, “You must eat three meals a day,” you keep  your blood-sugar in a healthy range, which balances your insulin production. By keeping insulin levels  low, you avoid hunger and food cravings for a longer period of time. Subsequently, more fat can be burned during the spaces between your three daily meals!  Your personalized nutrition plan re-establishes and improves your natural fat burning ability (lipolysis) and kick-starts your metabolism.  While it may sound too good to be true, you actually burn most of your fat while you sleep!

    Additionally, you do not need to exercise to lose weight on the program, though movement is healthy and recommended, it is not required to burn fat. Metabolic balance® does not sell you any foods, meal replacement products, powders, shakes, pills, supplements or injections. All your foods can be purchased at your local super and farmers markets.  Your program is all-natural and is designed for real world situations. You learn what foods are right for you and which are not, resulting in reaching your ideal weight. You optimize your health and establish a new meaningful relationship natural wholesome food.  Simply, you will feel fantastic, look great and you can leave dieting behind for good.  Metabolic balance® works as your nutrition program for the rest of your life.

    Metabolic balance® is the accumulation of over 25 years of academic research and development. The program has been developed and is managed by a team of respected doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists.  Metabolic balance® has recently undergone a comprehensive scientific study and the results have been published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism.(Volume 2010, Article ID 197656)  The study demonstrates the success of the metabolic balance® system and documents that, “Adherence to the program brought significant improvements to participant's lab values, weight adjustment and greatly assisted their shift to a remarkably better health related quality of life.”

  • How Is the Food Plan on Metabolic Balance® created?

    As your coach, I will compile your medical history and request blood testing by providing forms and instructions on how to do so. All blood results and data are gathered and analyzed at the metabolic balance® Institute where your personalized nutrition plan will be developed.

    Your plan is delivered to you and we will go over your plan together. I will help you prepare for the program and go over the steps required for reaching or maintaining your ideal weight. I will guide and support you through your program and am always available to answer any questions you have.

  • I’m Exercising Constantly and Not Losing Weight, Will this Work for Me?

    Many people come to me who are exercising 6-7 days per week for 45-60 mins and eating less than 1000 calories per day, but can't lose weight., in fact they keep gaining. They can gain 2-3 pounds just from having a single dessert. Once they start the program it becomes easy to lose the weight and maintain it. The great thing is, once your metabolism is balanced, it's very likely that you'll be able to enjoy a greater volume  and variety of food as well as treat meals without unwanted weight gain.

    Exercise is not required for weight loss on this program, and in the beginning can actually block fat burning. Gentle exercise is recommended if you desire to exercise.  Once your metabolism is balanced, you'll have more freedom with food and will be able to exercise less if you choose. You won't need to exercise to lose weight, but if you enjoy exercise, of course continue.

  • What if I Don’t Want to Lose Weight?

    This is not a weight loss program, but a program that helps repair your metabolism, so you can lose weight if desired. Weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance  as needed are a result of a healthy metabolism. The program can be used to help you maintain your weight with greater ease if it's been a struggle and can also be used to help with weight gain for individuals who have difficulty gaining weight. The program gives you the tools to be able to adjust your weight as needed throughout your life, and it will always be safe and healthy.

  • Does This Take a Lot of Work?

    The program does take work. It's work that you will need to do, I can't do it for you, but I will be there to support you every step of the way.

    The meals are simple, not much cooking is required. Food will need to be weighed in the beginning of the program to ensure your metabolic conversion. Once you reach your goal weight, you will have a better sense of what your body needs and won't need to measure your food, but you can if you choose.

    The program does require you to prepare your own meals, for 3 meals per day, using food you can buy at your local healthy supermarket or farmer's market. It's recommended you use organically grown fruits, legumes and vegetables and the animal proteins (meats, eggs, dairy) you use are humanely raised without hormones, antibiotics or other medications.

    Once you are through the first 2 weeks of the program, it will be easy to eat at restaurants and away from home.

  • What if I’m Eating a Healthy Diet But I Can’t Lose Weight?

    Absolutely! It's great that you are already eating a healthy diet, that is one hurdle you don't have to jump over.

    This program will help you provide the exact nutrients your body needs to reach your health goals. As an example, I was eating a diet based of foods that were the same foods on my metabolic balance® plan, but I was not seeing health improvements or weight loss until I started my plan. The difference when I started my individualized plan was life changing! The plan tells you what specific foods in the specific amounts at the specific times that your body needs in order to repair your metabolism and heal your hormones. When your metabolism and hormones are in balance, everything else falls into place, and weight loss (if needed) follows.

    I was eating too much protein and vegetables previously and could not lose weight. After doing the program, I got rid of my life long hypoglycemia and was able to eat more carbohydrates and fruits than I had in years. So, while I was eating healthy, I could not lose weight until my metabolism healed and the metabolic balance® program allowed me to do that.

Still wonder if I can help you with cravings, weight loss and feeling great?

Pick your struggle below to see what this amazing Reset Your Metabolism Program can do:

“Before I met Kara, I struggled with “binge” eating. I would turn to food to change the way I felt, to try to fill a void inside me. Kara’s TAT acupressure therapy and Metabolic Balance completely changed my life. 2 years ago I lost 20 pounds and I haven’t gained it back. MB is a lifestyle change that transforms the relationship you have with your mind and body. There have been times when I’ve been afraid that I would “go off the rails” and gain the weight back but MB has proven itself to be a very forgiving program. I am so grateful for my body, for the tools I have today to take care of myself and for Kara. I’ve watched several of my girlfriends lose 30+ pounds working with Kara and just recently my own Mom has begun her MB journey. I cannot recommend MB enough!”

San Jose, CA

“When I first started working with Kara (and her program), I had literally tried EVERYTHING I could think of to try to get back to my healthy weight. I had eliminated sugar, wheat and dairy and worked with a health coach and had still only managed to lose 10 lbs over a year. I was so frustrated that nothing was working.

When Kara told me that while working with her my hormones would become balanced and even my hypoglycemia would go away I did not believe her, but I was more than willing to give her program a try. In the first month I lost 10 lbs!!! I was so excited. As promised even my hypoglycemia symptoms went away and I’ve never felt better.

I have lost a total of 25 lbs (a lot for my 5’2” frame) and I have never felt better, I highly recommend working with Kara and her program.

Lora Frost
Lora Frost Studio
Loveland, CO

“On the ice-cream front, I have DEFINITELY noticed a huge difference on my interest levels with this food as well as the amounts I am having. My boyfriend bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday on Tuesday and I still have 85% of it left – this is huge and wouldn’t have EVER been the case before.  I say ‘RESULT”!”

Stacey, Northern California

“I just came back from a dental check-up and I didn’t have any cavities, my gums did not bleed and I was told my mouth was really clean.  The reason I’m telling you this is because they were amazed and wanted to know what i had been doing. I told them I don’t junk food anymore, quit diet coke and, and I don’t eat rice/pasta/gluten on a regular basis.  These are all the things I have been doing because of your program.”




“I can’t believe I am not snacking! I used to be the queen of snacking! Sometimes I even forget and go almost 6 hours and I’m still fine! When I’m hungry, it’s just something I notice and not something that feels like an emergency. I’m obviously not binge eating at night either which is another miracle unto itself. I never thought I’d escape that!”


“I feel great, less anxious, the roller coaster has turned into a kiddie ride, sleeping very well, no heartburn, gas, etc.  I really can’t remember feeling this well.”

Bill Myers
Los Gatos, CA

“I’ve tried so many different programs for weight loss, and none of them were effective–so I was afraid to invest so much money on another program that (in my mind) might not work.

So far, I have lost 20 lbs and my high blood pressure has lowered to almost normal levels

The best part of the program is that it works! I feel (and look) better than I have in a long time. It was worth every penny! I would and have recommended both you and the metabolic balance® program to anyone who expresses dissatisfaction with their health and/or weight.”

Meagan Calahan
Los Gatos, CA

“I was working out 6-7 days/week, and eating low cal healthy foods, while still gaining weight. I was tired of being a slave to food. Re-setting my metabolism makes sense – I can continue exercising and eating right and reap the benefits of staying slim.

I am happy that I can fit into my favorite pants again, and I am mad that I have to buy new work clothes, since they are too big for me now. And this is all in the first 3 weeks of the program! I lost several inches and 80% of my weight loss goal in the first two weeks of starting the program. I am not hungry and hardly ever think about food.

I like not feeling hungry and enjoying the foods that I prepare for myself. In addition, I have a lot of energy. I like that I have control over food and weight and the fact that I am learning a lifestyle, not a fad. Working with you, I enjoy your enthusiasm and support during my progress. You are there for the ups and downs and want to have the right solution for all the issues that may come up

I was afraid that it might be very stringent in what types of food I can eat and the fact that I had to weigh food. I was also skeptical that this may be another failed attempt on my part to achieve weight loss. As for the program, people should know that it helps them for EVER. It is not a short term solution, but a life change. They should know that they would need to buckle up for few weeks and work hard at first, but the beauty of this program is that the reward comes very fast.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who struggled like me.”

Isabel Kazemi
San Rafael, CA


Hi Kara,

So far so good!  I haven’t had any desire for sweets since our session. Before dinner I was hungry.  Ordinarily I’d dip into chocolate or cookies, but the thought didn’t sound appealing at all.  As I was getting ready for bed it occurred to me that I missed my nightly ritual of a pint of ice cream or sweets equivalent before bed.  I made it through this most difficult part of the day without so much as a thought about sweets.  Wow.

The rest of the week was easy.  No sweets cravings.  At one point I saw a pint of ice cream in the freezer and thought, “dessert might be nice,” but the thought disappeared quickly.

Thanks for all your help so far!

Northern California

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