Food Craving Relief

I work with sensitive, intelligent men and women who have achieved many things in their lives except when it comes to certain specific food cravings. They know better, but when stress hits, they turn to old habits of eating that they’re not proud of, but just can’t change. These cravings are impacting their peace of mind, and it’s embarrassing. Though they eat healthy almost all of the time, strong cravings for sugar, starchy foods or simple carbohydrates are keeping them from living their lives fully and going to the next level.


I help them finally let go of these mental habits and replace them with one’s that are “way more satisfying.” Treat meals can be enjoyed with peace and freedom instead. The good news is, this can all be done over the phone.

Do You:

  •   Eat clean, organic food, that is perfect for your body most of the time?
  •   Hide the evidence after you “go off the wagon?”
  •   Start eating a treat and before you know it you’ve eaten way too much?
  •   Feel embarrassed that you know so much, but are out of control?
  •   Fear you’ll be rejected if your behavior is exposed?
  •   Eat really well for a while, but then self sabotage and you can’t break this pattern?
  •   Feel trapped by the love/hate relationship with food?


  •   Ending the struggle with food so that you can simply enjoy your healthy lifestyle
  •   Actually being able to keep chocolate or other treats in your home without fear of bingeing
  •   Being able to enjoy your favorite food or guilty pleasure without overdoing or regret
  •   Being free of this obsession with food for good
  •   Setting an example of health for the people you love in your life
  •   Feeling free and confident in your food choices
  •   Getting on with the the more important things in your life

Introducing The Food Craving Relief Program:

A 5 week one on one coaching option where you receive 3 one on one Acupressure BY PHONE (yes it’s possible and it works) sessions to help you change your unwanted habits so you can more easily stick to your predetermined healthy eating plan.

We start off with a 30 min intake session to discuss your goals and briefly go over your health history and your 24 hour food journal. This program is designed for someone in good health without a complicated medical history (unless you are seeing a functional medicine doctor concurrently).

This is a great program for someone who has an established healthy and structured eating plan. You may be a Coach, Doctor, Nutritionist or Dietitian, or other health care provider, or are working with one and you just can’t change certain behaviors. You may just know a lot about Nutrition and be implementing it. You may already know what you need to be doing, but need help sticking to it without so much struggle, especially in times of stress or boredom.

What You Can Expect:

First Acupressure Session:

With this session, changes are noticed, you may find you can’t believe you used to overeat the food you once craved. You might walk past it and have no interest. This usually goes on for 7 to 10 days. Then, you see the food and wonder if you should have some. The craving isn’t there, but it’s like, ‘Hey, I deserve this or it’s free, I should have one or should I have one?’ You may even have some, but find that you don’t overeat and it wasn’t really a big deal anyways. This is not a bad sign, it’s just an indication that you need to do your next session as the next layer ready to be healed is coming up. You can only heal so much in one session without overwhelming your system.

Second Acupressure Session:

7-14 days later is the best time for this session, but this also depends on your situation and your previous and current eating habits. This session is usually less dramatic and we may have to dig a little deeper to get to the problem as the monkey is off your back and you’re already feeling a whole lot better.

This one usually focuses on specific foods that are still a problem, or the more subtle attraction to food that sounds like ‘It’s no big deal, it’s free food, I should have one’. You can also work on fear of being deprived if you eat healthy foods. Whatever you choose to focus on, once you’re done with this session, you most often are able to eat just one without overeating or falling back into the cycle of craving.

Third Acupressure Session:

This session usually focuses on helping you let go of any patterns or fears that the cravings will come back or resistance that comes up as you move closer to your goal. It helps you feel solid in your new way of being, and you can then turn to what you want for moving forward in your life. It also helps you shift at a deeper level so if and when severe stress comes up, you don’t automatically resort to your old habits (If you do resort to those habits, you’ll have the tools of Acupressure for yourself to help you get back in balance quickly).

Ready to let go of your cravings for good?

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Still wonder if I can help you with your cravings?

You are a good fit for The Food Craving Relief Program if you answer yes to 7 or more of the following:

Are You:

  •   Doing your inner and outer work! Whether it’s psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, life coaching, reading books, taking workshops, 12 step programs, but you still struggle?
  •   Actively trying to change this and stop certain behaviors, but can’t?
  •   Motivated to change this even though you think you lack the willpower to do it?
  •   Embarrassed about your behavior and you hide it?
  •   Keenly aware of what foods you shouldn’t eat?
  •   Accomplished in many areas but peace with food has eluded you?
  •   Mentally beating yourself up because you know better?
  •   Tired of relying on willpower and mind tricks?
  •   Someone who has one or more family members (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings) who has or had problems with alcohol or other substance abuse?
  •   Someone who believes that your body can heal and you’d prefer to do it naturally?
  •   Feeling like you have a greater purpose, but this thing with food keeps you from living up to your full potential?
  •   On a spiritual path, even if you can’t describe it?
  •   Sensitive?
  •   Willing to look inward and come up with solutions (they ARE in there)?
  •   A little bit skeptical that this could work?

If you can say yes to any of the following, my Reset Your Metabolism Program may be a better fit for you:

  •   Taking birth control pills, antidepressants or other pharmaceuticals (these can affect your results).
  •   You’re not 100% sure what foods you should be eating.
  •   You have other health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or other diagnoses.
  •   You want to lose weight.
  •   Your hormones are not balanced and you’re not enrolled in a program like metabolic balance® for balancing hormones.
  •   You are exercising a lot, but not losing weight.

I believe in watching my patients gets amazing results and not everyone is a good fit to work with me or for this type of solution.  You are not a good to work with  me if you answered yes to these questions

Are You:

  •   Uninterested in self-reflection or inner processes?
  •   Under the belief that things just are the way they are, healing is not possible for you?
  •   One to complain but you resist change?
  •   Aware that your cravings are not diminishing, but are unwilling to let go and trust that you could feel even more satisfied in another way?
  •   Unwilling to stretch or try new things?
  •   Someone who would prefer to take pharmaceuticals if they could work for you?
  •   Someone who has a hard time following directions or being guided through processes?
  •   Blaming others and not yet taking personal responsibility?
  •   Unwilling to temporarily stop eating certain foods that are causing you problems?
  •   In the early stages of a 12 step program (less than 2 years in recovery)?
  •   Currently struggling with bulimia or anorexia?

Still have questions? Explore the Frequently Asked Questions section below

  • Food Craving Relief FAQs
  • How is the Acupressure you do different from regular Acupressure?

    Acupressure has been practiced for thousands of years in Asia and works with the same principles of channels and points like Acupuncture. The difference with the method I'm using, is that you hold your own Acupressure points around your face and the back of you head. Holding these points gently activates the vision centers of your brain, where old memories or stuck emotions can be accessed and integrated. Once this happens, your experience of the 'problem' can shift and what bothered you before will be less bothersome or not at all.

    Regular Acupressure works when a practitioner holds specific points on your body to promote balance. Regular Acupressure is also a great choice for those that want a needle free approach or those that like to do Acupressure on themselves. Both methods have great value and have different outcomes and purposes.

  • Will I be tired if I do a session for caffeine and stop or cut down on drinking my caffeinated beverage?

    Some patients report they felt a little less energy the day after their session, but this is not unusual no matter what subject you work on.

    After your session, you'll be less likely to need caffeine to get an energy boost or to think and function. You can choose to have some caffeine, but you probably won't want as much or feel the need for it.Many patients who felt dependent on caffeine to function, state they have actually have more energy after their session(s).

  • Am I going to miss that good feeling that I get when I eat my craved food?

    This is a very common question. I can't say this often enough; when you do a session, you find the root cause for the craving. There is always a good reason for the craving, it's just usually outdated and/or no longer necessary. People report insights that they never had before, and in the moment they have this insight, the block to their satisfaction is gone along with the craving. It's almost like a craving is a block to your satisfaction or good feeling, and when it is addressed in the session, the block dissolves. The next time you are presented with a life event that would have caused you to crave/overeat, you will find another way to find the same or higher level of satisfaction.

    Think of this like a river that has had a tree fall into it, creating all kinds of rough water and eddies. Once the tree is gently moved, the water starts flowing again. In your body, the craving goes and satisfaction is found, because there is no block left. It's a simple and natural process, that leaves you feeling more satisfied instead of less satisfied. Cravings are actually an outmoded attempt to achieve satisfaction, rarely achieving the desired intent.Please note:  To take away your craved food without helping you replace it with something equally or more satisfying would not be helpful to you, and doing so would go against my professional ethics.

  • When I’ve stopped eating my craved foods in the past, I had withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches. Will this happen after your treatment?

    One of the benefits of the treatment is there are generally no withdrawal symptoms when you stop eating the foods you felt compelled to eat. Your sessions address the cravings at their source and have an effect on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. Without this method, it is common to have withdrawal symptoms from foods such as sugar, wheat or caffeine, which can include headaches, tiredness, fogginess and cravings. After a few days, many of these symptoms fade, but for some people, they never fade, and can be active for years.

  • How many sessions will I need for my food cravings?

    It depends on your goals and how many issues you want to address. It also depends on what you're currently eating and your overall nutritional status. I recommend a minimum of three sessions in order to address all – or the majority – of your food issues. In general: Food cravings usually require one session per category of food. Chocolate usually requires one session. Sweets usually require one session. Non-sweet carbohydrates like pasta and bread usually require one session. That being said, sometimes it takes two sessions to completely clear a category, but it is less common. If you crave combinations of the above, you may resolve all of them in one session, but plan on it taking multiple sessions. We won't know how far-reaching the benefits are until you have completed your first session and return to your life to see what has changed. Overeating and compulsive eating can require as little as one session or as many as five or more sessions to return you to balance. Each person is unique with our own histories and we all respond differently to sessions. The sessions are tailored specifically to your issues and my intent is to help you reach your goals as quickly and gently as possible.

  • Will I need to repeat my Food Craving Relief session(s)?

    Sessions do not need to be repeated for the same issue once the issue is resolved. Once resolved, the changes you experience will be long-lasting, because your cravings or patterns of overeating are addressed at their source.

    You will know when an issue is resolved because your thoughts and behavior will change regarding the issue you worked on in the session. Even though the change can be dramatic, it feels natural, like how it should feel – it feels normal. Sometimes, issues come up during sessions that patients choose to work on in another session. This is completely their decision.

  • How do The Food Craving Relief sessions work?

    By holding Acupressure points that correlate to the vision centers of the brain while focusing on verbal statements, your patterns of behavior subtly shift. These changes are made by gently accessing the memories, beliefs or behaviors that created your cravings or patterns of overeating.

    As soon as you become aware of these memories, beliefs or behaviors, they start to fade – and the "grip" they had on you fades, as well. The treatment targets the behavior that is troubling you and helps to resolve it at its source. It works by repairing the neural pathways that have been damaged by repeated stress over time. Once the neural pathways have changed, your thoughts and behavior will reflect the change.

  • I’ve had this issue my entire life – how can you help me in 1-3 sessions?

    I have worked successfully with many people who have struggled with cravings or overeating since childhood. The length of time and the severity of the cravings do not mean they require more sessions to resolve. It depends on the person, and everyone's experience is unique.

    Many people resolve their cravings in one session, and others need more than one session. With each session, you will gain greater and greater benefit.

Still wonder if I can help you with your cravings?

Read below about what others are saying and what this program can do for you.

“On the ice-cream front, I have DEFINITELY noticed a huge difference on my interest levels with this food as well as the amounts I am having. My boyfriend bought me an ice cream cake for my birthday on Tuesday and I still have 85% of it left – this is huge and wouldn’t have EVER been the case before.  I say ‘RESULT”!”

Stacey, Northern California

Working with Kara on my food cravings and emotional eating was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an emotional eater. If I was stressed, happy, depressed, angry, or anything else… food was the answer. Food was the thing that soothed me and made me feel better or gave me a little bit of pleasure inside a crappy situation or day. But food was also the thing that was destroying my body and causing me to gain loads of weight over the years. I felt like I had no control of my eating habits and was constantly derailed by cravings. Having to eat cookies or muffins or chocolate every. single. day. and hoping that “tomorrow” was the day I could finally clean up my eating. Well, tomorrow finally came after my first food craving session with Kara.


It was so simple and so easy I didn’t for one second think it would work on me. I was certain I’d be the 1% that didn’t have success… but quite the opposite! I immediately noticed a shift in my eating habits and cravings. After just three sessions, I had ZERO food cravings. I would drive past all my favorite restaurants thinking, “eh, I have stuff at home.” I’d walk into the store past the cookies and muffins and chocolates and think, “I have no idea how to feed myself without cravings!” And I’d leave with healthy foods.


Even now, months and months after our work I am craving free. If I start to eat something more than I like, I stop, just like that. It’s changed my life and my health, and I’ve never been happier to have hired someone for support. After at least 20 years of battling with food, I can finally say I’m craving free and NOT an emotional eater. There’s so much freedom in that. I can’t recommend Kara enough, her work is phenomenal and she’s truly dedicated to freeing her clients from cravings and emotional eating. Love her tons!!”


Stephenie Zamora
Business Coach and Brand Strategist
Colorado, USA


“I came in to see Kara after Christmas ’07 for help with my chocolate and sugar cravings (addictions). Amazingly after one session, I have complete control over what I eat. I went shopping that very night and while the thought of chocolate entered my mind, I was not interested in buying anything sweet.

I no longer crave sweets every day and on the odd occasion when I indulge, I enjoy it and I am not later overrun with cravings to eat more or go out and buy sweets. Perhaps the best side effect is that I am more inclined to eat healthy foods and feel satisfied. I no longer overeat, which, along with an exercise program, has led to me losing 10 lbs. in a month. Hooray for Kara and her skills and technique!

I recommend her to any and all who have food issues and have a real desire to make a true and permanent change for the better in their lives.”

Paul Coletti
Massage Therapist
San Rafael, CA


“I was very doubtful that Acupressure could help me control my need for dessert every afternoon. But not only did Kara guide me through the food craving session, she also helped me get past the doubt – all 4 times I told her I was feeling it. That afternoon, I didn’t obsess over dessert & I haven’t since.

I think the session with Kara has helped me eat more consciously – only when I’m hungry & only until I’m full. I really didn’t think it could work – but it did.”

San Francisco, CA


“I’ve always had a sweet tooth.  And as I whipped through a box of Girl Scout cookies earlier this year, I realized it was a little out of control.

I did some food craving sessions with Kara and was amazed at the immediate shifts I experienced.  Right away I noticed that when I did eat sweets, my taste buds felt neutralized. It was like I didn’t have to have another cookie – one was enough.  I love that in working with Kara, it’s not about giving up foods I enjoy, rather it’s about not feeling run by food anymore.

Kara’s calming and caring demeanor made me feel totally comfortable throughout the entire process.  She’s supportive and non-judgmental, which is great when you’re sharing your personal habits and feelings around a sometimes sensitive subject.  If you want to change your relationship with food, please contact Kara.”

Jennifer Lee
Certified Life Coach,
Artizen Coaching


“I first approached Kara because I was having difficulty with chocolate, and being a personal trainer and wellness coach, I knew this would not do. To say I was skeptical would be a gross understatement, and adding to my skepticism was Kara’s testimonial from a patient who achieved relief from a craving after only one session. I found it to be a fascinating exercise, but truly felt that the first time I was really stressed, I’d fall. Was it successful for me? Absolutely. If you’re having a problem with chocolate, you should give Kara a call.

After getting results for my difficulty with chocolate, I decided to give Kara a real test – my allergic reaction to gluten, which was even more troubling to me. I had been without breads and pasta (heresy for a Sicilian-American) for quite a while and sorely missed them. Long story short…it worked like a charm!

Kara employs this surprisingly straightforward technique with compassion, clarity, respect, a sense of humor where appropriate, great patience and clearly loves her work. If you’ve been plagued by a similar problem, give Kara a call.”

Zo De Muro
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach
Berkeley, CA

“Hi Kara,

I have had good results from our acupressure session! I had to laugh because the day after our session, my boyfriend bought me a small box of chocolates for our anniversary. I was excited because I ate only one or two chocolates at a time, instead of the whole box all at once, and found that I really enjoyed them.

Since then, I have been impressed because I still eat and even crave a sweet here and there, but I don’t eat them ravenously in large quantities any longer. I feel much more in tune with my body so that I am better able to enjoy the sweets and can stop eating them when my body says enough.

I am very happy with the results!”

Tara Valcarcel
San Francisco, CA


Hi Kara,

“The process you did with me around my cravings for cake, frosting, and pasta were very effective.  I have never been overweight, but I was tired of expending sooooo much effort to eat right and avoid overeating certain foods. I wanted to just feel peaceful about food.

We did three sessions.  It was a simple and unobtrusive process.  More psychological than I had expected.  Perfectly painless, that’s for sure.

I now have control when I am around these foods.  I still like them, but when they’re around, I am not obsessed with them.  This is a wonderful change.  I think I need one more treatment to deal with butter but I am completely thrilled with the results I have so far!

Just yesterday, I walked past a piece of cake on a buffet table that looked delicious, mocha, my favorite and kept on walking because I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry and knew I didn’t want that much sweet stuff at that time of day.”

Thank you,