The Help I Promised for Chocolate Cravings

Chocolate_TrufflesHappy Valentine’s Day!

Last week, I wrote to you about What I LOVE Even More than Chocolate and am following up as promised, with a gift. In that post, I talked about how I love the feeling when someone claims their freedom with food. Then, they can be around food they used to crave or lose control with and feel totally at peace and in charge. Seriously, it brings me deep feelings of joy and it’s why I do what I do. I hope you know this feeling, but if you don’t, keep reading.

Here’s the WHAT of the gift I’m offering, followed by the WHY:


I’ve committed myself to give away 50 complimentary chat sessions in 30 days (#50in30). These are no pitch, and 100% help! Come grab your 15 min chat session with me. You can ask me anything you want. The purpose is to help you move forward towards your goal(s) or dream, whatever it is your heart desires. A lot can happen in 15 mins.

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What I LOVE even MORE than Chocolate

praline-chocolates-chocolate-chocolatier-66234Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chocolate. Other than the double-decker coffee ice cream I enjoyed as a kid, it’s my all-time favorite dessert. I like it dark, and don’t need very much to be satisfied. I savor it and enjoy it fully. Chocolate, in my mind, is truly a gift of nature.

But, what is even more satisfying than eating chocolate is the ability to PAUSE. Hold up, I’m sure that sounds weird, like, no, just give me the chocolate! Seeing my clients after a session where they worked to transform their obsession/craving for chocolate, brings me great joy.


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I Stopped Depriving Myself!

I finally said “Yes” to my utterly unreasonable and wildly heartfelt dream, a yearning that’s been with me for far too long. I kept putting it off. “It wasn’t the right time.” “I didn’t have the resources.” “This is only for rich people.” I was depriving myself.

Horses. Horses kept calling to me, from photographs, from pastures, tugging at my heart. The very site of a draft horse would move me to tears, and I didn’t know why. Little did I know that draft horses are incredible healers, and their gentle power is exactly what I needed in my life, for my clients, and for my own health journey.

I’ve always wanted horses in my life. I had a pony in my early teens, but I grew too big for her. I said I’d have one again, but kept saying “Later.” I would avoid going to stables because I didn’t want to long for them.


But then I saw a photo of my friend Devon Combs leading a huge draft horse (see left) on Instagram, and my heart melted. She had been encouraging me to come to one of her healing retreats since we met in 2012. I kept saying I’d do it later. Always later. I can tell you there was no benefit in waiting. I was pushing away my unbridled joy.

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How to De-Stress Holiday Eating

How to Destress Holilday EatingIt’s also for you if you’re healing from autoimmune dis-ease (like me) or any other health issue that would make getting off track during the season of joy, anything but joyful.

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering what I wanted to share (too many ideas!), went back to sleep, and had a dream that answered my question.

I was in an old-style theatre and the actor, Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Lie to Me, etc.) walked into the room. I was the first person to spot him and went right over to greet him. But I realized I didn’t have my program for him to sign. Like a Tasmanian devil I went around trying to not only find a program, but MY program. Up and down stairs, down aisles, huffing and puffing, fuming, stressed out and tense. Where’s my program? I need my program! 

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I Had to Leave to Heal

I Had to Leave to HealIn my last post, I mentioned that I moved to San Diego and would share more about my quick exit. I’m sharing this as you may be able to relate to it and hopefully avoid unnecessary health challenges yourself.

My husband and I both love nature and were actively looking to move closer to nature about five years ago. We happened upon a beautiful house in the redwoods with amazing landlords. This place was everything we wanted. It was quiet, had open space and room for a garden. Dream. But, I noticed mold in the closet. The landlord said he would install a vent to keep the mold away and would take care of it, no problem. I was nervous about it, knowing how important it is for someone with a compromised immune system (I’m healing from autoimmune thyroiditis) to stay away from mold. I was so excited about this beautiful place and the potential for a garden. Even with that uneasy feeling in my gut, we moved forward.

Shortly after moving into our beautiful home in paradise, I told my holistic Doctor about the mold in the closet. She said “You must move!” Ack, we just got here, we can’t move again! I didn’t heed her advice, so she made some recommendations to combat the mold with high tech filters and heaters, etc. But even in the summer months, we kept finding mold in new places, and we kept cleaning it. We realized we were playing a losing game of whack-a-mole (aka whack-a-mold). It was always in the back of my mind, and yet I didn’t want to admit it that it was impacting my health. I didn’t want to leave.

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