How to De-Stress Holiday Eating

How to Destress Holilday EatingIt’s also for you if you’re healing from autoimmune dis-ease (like me) or any other health issue that would make getting off track during the season of joy, anything but joyful.

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering what I wanted to share (too many ideas!), went back to sleep, and had a dream that answered my question.

I was in an old-style theatre and the actor, Tim Roth (Pulp Fiction, Lie to Me, etc.) walked into the room. I was the first person to spot him and went right over to greet him. But I realized I didn’t have my program for him to sign. Like a Tasmanian devil I went around trying to not only find a program, but MY program. Up and down stairs, down aisles, huffing and puffing, fuming, stressed out and tense. Where’s my program? I need my program! 

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I Had to Leave to Heal

I Had to Leave to HealIn my last post, I mentioned that I moved to San Diego and would share more about my quick exit. I’m sharing this as you may be able to relate to it and hopefully avoid unnecessary health challenges yourself.

My husband and I both love nature and were actively looking to move closer to nature about five years ago. We happened upon a beautiful house in the redwoods with amazing landlords. This place was everything we wanted. It was quiet, had open space and room for a garden. Dream. But, I noticed mold in the closet. The landlord said he would install a vent to keep the mold away and would take care of it, no problem. I was nervous about it, knowing how important it is for someone with a compromised immune system (I’m healing from autoimmune thyroiditis) to stay away from mold. I was so excited about this beautiful place and the potential for a garden. Even with that uneasy feeling in my gut, we moved forward.

Shortly after moving into our beautiful home in paradise, I told my holistic Doctor about the mold in the closet. She said “You must move!” Ack, we just got here, we can’t move again! I didn’t heed her advice, so she made some recommendations to combat the mold with high tech filters and heaters, etc. But even in the summer months, we kept finding mold in new places, and we kept cleaning it. We realized we were playing a losing game of whack-a-mole (aka whack-a-mold). It was always in the back of my mind, and yet I didn’t want to admit it that it was impacting my health. I didn’t want to leave.

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I’ve Ignored My Nutrition

Ive_ignored_my_nutritionI keep falling in and out of Love with Nutrition. I studied it in college, and then graduate school but after I got my Masters of Science in Nutrition, I wanted NOTHING to do with Nutrition.

I finally got over it when I realized I loved Nutrition, I just didn’t want to do it the way hospitals did it—or the way of the medical model. Counting calories made me want to lose my lunch. What I wanted was to do Nutrition the natural way, the way that made sense to me, the way that addressed the whole person as an individual.


Nutrition really is the foundation for our health and well-being. It’s the foundation necessary for healing. Without nourished cells, our bodies can’t heal, let alone function properly. Our minds suffer, our emotions are all over the map and we have symptoms. A well nourished body resists dis-ease and feels like home.

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Do You Lose Control with Valentine’s Chocolate?

valentine_chocolateChocolate! It’s everywhere this time of year: given to you or it’s at work, etc.

I keep a hefty stash of high-quality dark chocolate in my cupboard. I love chocolate, but it doesn’t control me. Want that same peace? Read on…

Even in times of intense stress, my chocolate stash is safe. I’ll eat a square, but I don’t overeat. It wasn’t always this way. I used to lose control, overeat and regret, not just with chocolate. I’ve helped many clients achieve the same level of inner peace around chocolate and other foods.

How is this peace possible?

I let go of the emotional triggers that drove me uncontrollably towards chocolate. This drive to overeat (craving) didn’t care that I had a masters degree in Nutrition and that I knew better. I had to learn how to work WITH my body, instead of against her and thus found a peaceful place of choice within.

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You Naturally Have Healthy Instincts with Food

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year. I’m writing today from sunny California. It’s 75 degrees outside, what?

I posted this image on Instagram. This describes what I’ve learned in working with hundreds of women and men with severe food cravings over the last 9 yrs.

Many people believe that letting go of food cravings means depriving yourself. Not true! You let go of the obsession. Isn’t that what you want?

It’s a challenge to trust or feel good about your body when you’re battling cravings. Plus, it makes it hard to eat the foods that nourish you or the treats you enjoy.

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